FIXED Spread Broker

FIXED Spread Broker
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1. What are the things that separate a good trader from a great one?
2. What types of trader are you?
3. What is the 21st century best known trading method widely used?
4. Why retails traders are 95% LOSS than 5% institution trader?

Before you decide to trade any Market,have you ever ask yourself questions.

1. willing to RISK MORE TIME LEARNING instead of risking MONEY?
2. well prepared for any market beharviour?
3. patience enough to wait till the best setup appears in front of your screen?
4. understand the relationships between Bonds,Stock and Commodity?
5. understand the difference between Risk Eversion and Risk Appetite?

If you are 100% don't understand the 9 questions above,you are probably 100% NOT READY to trade any market and 100% LOSS your money.
Because 100% successful trader own extraordinary skills.

The MORE you learn,the MORE powerful you are!

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